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Our story

Take one psychotic half-alien cyborg with an obsessive vendetta against the alien race with whom all of humanity is at war. Put him in a spaceship on the front lines. Add a commanding officer who doesn’t trust him, a best friend who’s desperately trying to keep him alive and out of the brig, a general who needs him under control and toeing the party line, and hidden assassins who want him dead for reasons unknown. Stir lightly and bring to a simmer. Then stand back, because this is a recipe for disaster.


About the creators

Anna Leue sits at her computer and contemplates the blank page in front of her. The emptiness of the unmarked document is like the primal void that came before the first moment of time at the beginning of the universe. Its perfect shapelessness holds the potential to create infinite new worlds, new galaxies of thoughts and ideas. Here at the beginning, all things are possible, and the vastness of human creativity dwarfs even our own extensive, but finite, universe. The power and mystery of creation is at her fingertips, her will the only tool necessary to shape substance from the void. She pauses for a moment, feeling the thrill of power and possibly, the excitement of new beginnings. Then she decides that that’s enough for one day, and goes to make some tea.

Twenty nine years ago a boy named Patrick Tsao was pulled, kicking and screaming, into our magnificent world. After spending a few years recovering from the experience, one day he picked up a single purple crayon and the rest, as they say, is history…whoever “they” are. His artistic qualifications consist of a BFA in Computer Art he found in a bin outside of Syracuse University, an MFA found in a slightly smaller bin outside of NYU, and years upon years of artistically-inspired starving.

An avid graphic novel enthusiast, tabletop player, webcomic reader and art geek, he aims to cut his personal swath through the geek-art world one project at a time, fuelled by ungodly amounts of caffeine, guarana, green tea and gin. His work along with all of his contact info may be found at www.patricktsao.com.