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Bus trip to Mars!

This whole bloging thing has been on a bit of a hiatus lately, because I’ve been crazy busy. But all the super awesome things that I really want to tell you about just keep piling up, and I can’t hold back the flood any longer. I’m stull crazy busy, so I might not be updating regularly for a while, but some things are just too cool to wait.

So, have you ever wanted to take a bus to Mars? I mean, not travel by bus all the way to Mars. That would be terrible. I can hardly handle the bus to Boston without wondering which limb I need to chew off to get out of that trap by the time we get there.

But have you ever wanted to take a bus trip around Mars, to see the sights? No? That never occurred to you, you say, because it is obviously impossible for many, many reasons?

Well, not anymore! Now if you are lucky enough to be a school-age kid living in the DC area, you might just get to be one of the lucky few to experience the surface of Mars for yourself, through the windows of a school bus!

Seriously, watch the video. The only thing cooler than watching this video would be actually getting to take a trip on this bus.

Too lazy to watch a five-minute video but still want to know what the heck I’m talking about? Well, okay! Here’s the deal: a visual effects shop called Framestore have tricked out a school bus with magic windows that provide a VR experience of the surface of Mars. For real.

And it just gets cooler. Get this: they transposed a street map of DC onto their artificial Martian environment, so the bus driver can just wander around the city, and everywhere they go the windows display a new part of Mars. The bus turns, and the windows show a corresponding turn. They don’t have to stick to a set path, they can go wherever, and there will be something new. I would never go home.

And the visual experience is coordinated with the movement of the bus. The bus speeds up, and you see the Martian landscape going by faster. The bus hits a bump, and you see the view move accordingly. Seriously, HOW COOL IS THAT!?!

So, who wants to take a trip down to DC and impersonate a grade-schooler with me? It might be a bit awkward, crawling around with our shoes on our knees pretending to be into Silly Bandz or whatever kids are into these days, but it will be worth it. It will be easier then actually going to Mars, at least.