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Gardening in Space (Again)

I really like plants.

No really. I know some people find them boring, but not me. I’m one of those people who names her houseplants. I get deep satisfaction from watching things grow, from literally eating the fruits of my labor. Growing things is so therapeutic.

Now growing things in SPACE, that sounds like the ultimate hobby.

Of course, it’s not really a hobby. Figuring out ways to grow food, both in the microgravity environment of a spaceship and in low-atmosphere environments like Mars, is a critical component of humanity’s expansion out into the galaxy. If we can’t eat, we can’t go.

And so the work being done by people like Heather Hava to develop robots that can grow food in space is not only conceptually awesome, it has great practical importance. And it’s COOL. Check it out:

I’ve got to say, this technology is very appealing to me personally. Because, like I said, I love plants, I love growing things. But I am also lazy.

Seriously, gardening is hard work. It takes so much time and effort. I love my houseplants, but I can’t handle a real garden. I hate laboring in the 100° heat of August, my skin burning in the sunlight, being devoured by insects while I struggle to convince some plants to grow while discouraging others. I HATE weeding. And I HATE dealing with pests.

If there were a way to get all the good parts of growing food, the beauty of the growing plant, the therapeutic joy of nurturing something, then the delicious culmination of getting to savor your harvest, but WITHOUT all the hard, uncomfortable, tedious bits…man, I would grow ALL my own food. I’m not even joking right now.

So why limit this technology to space travel? I mean, seriously, I can’t be the only person that finds the idea of robots that manage all the hard parts of gardening so you can focus on the fun parts to be really appealing.

Okay, yes, this stuff is probably a little out of my price range at the moment. But maybe in time, some sort of domestic, commercial version of this would find a market with people like me.

So hop to it, people! Get to innovating! The consumers want easy, cheap home versions of robot-monitored hydroponic gardens!

Or I do, at least. Maybe it’s just me. But oh man, I REALLY want one.