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Well That Didn’t Take Long

Remember a few months ago when I wrote about how real people have cybernetic arms? Well, at the time I was pushing things a little to make my point. I wrote about prosthetics with sensory feedback, and prosthetics controlled by implants in the brain, but they weren’t actually the same prosthetics at the time.

Well, they are now.

Darn it, DARPA, I’m trying to write fiction here! Stop making my unrealistic “future science” into a reality in the here and now!

Okay, “science,” you want to play rough, huh? You want to make my science fiction all boring and mundane faster then I can write it, do you? Well how about this. Last week, I saw this video:

Pretty cool, right?

Now, I’m going to go write a story that combines these two pieces of technology. Instead of wearing a suit to control a robot in another location, the people in my story will have implants in their brain which give them sensory feedback from the robot in real time as well as allowing them to control the robot directly with neural impulses. I know this story has been done before, but I’m going to base it on these two particular, real-life projects.

The challenge to you, “science,” is to see if you can make it a real thing faster then I can finish the story.

Are you ready? Okay, on your mark. Get set. GO!!

write write write

Okay, I think I’m done…. Wait, what? I was too slow? Neurologically controlled robots are already a thing?

Darn it! How did you do that so fast!!!

I give up. From this day forward, I am no longer a science fiction writer. I’m just a poorly-researched fiction writer who get’s a lot of details wrong. ::sigh::