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Whoa, That’s Pretty

Earlier this week I was innocently scrolling though my twitter feed when something amazing grabbed my attention.

That is a photo taken from the ISS of lightning striking over Africa. How cool is that?

So this immediately got me wondering if there are other pictures of lightning taken from space, and if they were equally cool. The answers appear to be yes, and yes.

These are just so freaking beautiful. I mean seriously, my life has literally been enriched by seeing them.

I want to take a step back here for a moment and think about what we’re really seeing in these photos. These are images of a naturally occurring event, seen in a way that wouldn’t be possible for a human being without the help of technology.

I feel like so often we fall into this trap of always pitting nature against technology. We act like things have to be one or the other, natural or man made, science or wilderness. But it’s a false dichotomy. Human beings are a part of this crazy nature thing that’s going on on this planet. The technology we create is naturally occurring, because it occurred here as part of our natural development as a species.

And now we have things like these photos. Natural beauty, captured through the application of science. High-tech naturalism, if you will. And the results are breathtaking.

Anyway, sorry about that mini-rant. The real point here is nothing more then me going “ooo, pretty.” So, in conclusion, I’ll end by just saying this:

(That’s a picture of lightning striking with the aurora in the background. This picture is worth at least 3,500 words, I think.)